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Forcefield was a studio-only project fronted by guitarist Ray Fenwick. Jan Akkerman joined the band on their second and third album.

Forcefield released 4 albums, with different musicians, as well as a compilation with unreleased tracks. Great musicians in them: Tony Martin (vocals, from Black Sabbath), Ray Fenwick (guitar), Jan Akkerman (guitar, from Focus), Mo Foster (bass), Laurence Cottle (bass), Nick Magnus (keyboards, from Steve Hackett's band), etc.

The first album was recorded in June 1987, and it was produced by Ray Fenwick himself. It contains several covers of classic songs plus a song co-written by Denny Laine with Ray Fenwick and Pete Prescott.

There's also a compilation simply called Instrumentals with 5 'previously unreleased tracks' out of 9. With Jan Akkerman, Ray Fenwick, Bernie Marsden, Mario Parga, Don Airey and Cozy Powell.