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   Jan Akkerman

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A collection of demos and outtakes, originally published on (and saved from) the early "Akkernet" website. (CDR)

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Media:  CD album
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Musicians: Jan Akkerman

A collection of demos and outtakes, originally published on (and saved from) the early "Akkernet" website. (CDR)

According to Jan this short piece was recorded in 1988 in Freddy Cavalli's garage! Cavalli was Herman Brood's bass player. Here Jan demonstrates his art, this time using a guitar synth.

Acoustic Piece No.1
Here is a section of a piece recorded on a 1995 concert tour demonstrating his mastery of acoustic guitar and dynamics. (This piece also appears as "Wildflower" on the "Focus in time" CD.)

Trojan Horse
This piece appeared on "The Noise of art", the demo version here was recorded in 1973.

A rare piece with Jan on piano, recorded in 1975.

Acoustic Piece No.2
A continuation of No.1, recorded live in 1995.

Akkerman's Sombrero
Available on "The Noise of Art" (1990) and also released as a single, this is the demo version recorded in 1986.

No Hang Ups
From the "Mother Focus" album, here performed live with Focus in 1975.

Acoustic Piece No.3
The concluding section of this piece. The main theme of this piece is "All together...Oh that!" from "Mother Focus".

Song for my father
Recorded in 1985, this brilliant piece shows Jan's love of Django with it's percussive acoustic motifs - and there's a lovely bridge section in the middle!

Summer Jam
A rare treat from 1975, Pierre van der Linden (drums), Jasper van't Hof (keyboards) and Jan on bass. This is an excerpt from a much longer workout. It is not widely known, but Jan played bass on most of the Focus album "Moving Waves".

Tracks: Introduction
Acoustic piece no. 1
Trojan horse
Acoustic piece no. 2
Akkerman's sombrero
No hang ups
Acoustic piece no. 3
Song for my father
Summer jam

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