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   Jan Akkerman

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A collection of demos and outtakes, originally published on (and saved from) the early "Akkernet" website. (CDR)

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Musicians: Jan Akkerman

A collection of demos and outtakes, originally published on (and saved from) the early "Akkernet" website. (CDR)

Recorded on 7 July 1978 this is the unedited version when Jan accidentally dropped his Les Paul at the very end of the piece.

Funk you 2
The basic riff to "Funk you" (on "Jan Akkerman 3", 1980) appears here, but recorded several years earlier.

From Concerto for 2 harpsichords, strings and continuo by J.S. Bach. This is Jan's midi version of the classical masterpiece.

Where would I be
Jan's original arrangement for the opening piece on "Focus in time". Recorded 1996.

End of Eruption (edit)
One of the early Focus gigs, recorded off the mixer by Jan's brother Cocky and capturing perfectly the moment. Here is an excerpt from "Eruption" featuring an extended solo interlude by Jan. Recorded June 1970.

Foxy lady
Jan Akkerman's midi version. Recorded 1996.

Anonymus (edit)
From the Isle of Texel, North Holland 1970, and a perfect showcase for Jan's fluid guitar lines. The song was first featured on Focus' debut album and later expanded on "Focus III".

Feelin' allright
Taken from the second set at Blues Route '97 featuring the vocals of Jacques Kloes and the downright funky geetar of Signor Giovanni Agriumo.

Brandenburg Concerto No.6 in B Flat Major
A transcription of the complete Brandenburg Concertos is a major achievement and here Jan offers another fascinating window to his musical soul.

Focus (edit)
The original Focus theme, played live in 1970.

Tracks: Tommy
Funk you 2
Where would I be
End of Eruption
Foxy lady
Feelin' allright
Brandenburger Concerto No.6 in B Flat Major

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