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1996 Dutch reissue with 5 bonus tracks. Digitally transfered from the original master tapes. Originally released in 1969. Jan Akkerman on guitar.

Year:  1996
Media:  CD album
Label: Pseudonym
Release no: CDP 1033 DD
Manufactured: Holland

Musicians: Jan Akkerman (guitar/organ)
Andre Reynen (vibes/bass)
Pierre van der Linden (drums)
Kazimierz Lux (Kaz Lux) (vocals/percussion)
Tom Barlage (flute)
Rob Hoeke (piano)

Producer: Tim Griek
Engineer: Andre Hooning
Studio: Intertine Studios, Heemstede, Holland

1996 Dutch reissue with 5 bonus tracks. Digitally transfered from the original master tapes. Originally released in 1969.

Liner notes by Jan Akkerman:
It was the winter of 68/69 and I really didn't feel like doing any more work for my father's company. Once more, together with Pierre van der Linden, with whom I had previously played in "The CELLAR ROCKERS" and prior to that in "The FRIEND SEXTET", I began to succumb to the lure of making music again, we were both approximately eighteen years old.

While I was doing a lot of session work for "The CATS", "GLORIA", "RIA VALK", "The BLUE DIAMONDS" etcetera, with Pierre on drums, TIM GRIEK the producer (and unfortunately, prematurely passed away) asked us one night to make a demo with a singer who could perform in the really high registers, KAZ LUX.

There was no bass player but fortunately I had brought a six string Fender Double Six along for the jam. On my invitation, ROB HOEKE also blew by later that night, and before we knew it the first demo had already been cut. This piece, later to be known as "Woman Gone", was the first blues piece which we recorded together. In between sessions I went home, spending an hour or so in my so called "propagatory machine" which had the form of a '55 Chevy Bel Air, a car built in a particulary awe inspiring year of manufacture!

Next session, I took along my Gretsch White Falcon and a Cordovox Lesley amp. With the Gretsch down tuned one whole note, I ventured into the studio. At that time I usually tuned that particular guitar in D or D flat because in doing so, it actually ended up sounding pretty "country".

However, when I connected my "mini wasking machine" (the 15 watt Lesley) to a 200 watt amp (which I recall was a "Seldon", an illegitimate child of Marshall built by Amsterdammer H. van Tilburg, get my drift!), the "washing machine" hardly seemed to know whether it was coming or going. After this little escapade, my father and Kaz affectionately referred to my Lesley as "Jan's spitting pan".

After about nine months (yes, that too), the group's manager, J. BOETE VAN SETTEN allowed me to leave, immortalizing the group in the act! By this time I had jammed with the "FOCUS" gang, something which had obviously damaged the exclusivity of my own creativity (madman!). The rest is history.

Lot's of listening pleasure.

Tracks: Dark rose (Lux/Akkerman)
Reason to believe (Hardin)
Baby, what you want me to do (Reed)
Scarborough Fair (Simon/Garfunkel)
Summertime (Gershwin)
Sinner's prayer (Fulson)
Sea of delight (Lux/Akkerman/Reynen/Linden)

Bonus tracks:
Down man (Lux/Akkerman)
Woman's gone (Lux)
Sea of delight - Try out (Lux/Akkerman/Reynen/Linden)
Sea of delight - Take 1 (Lux/Akkerman/Reynen/Linden)
Amsterdam, the first days (Lux/Akkerman)

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Sorting code: bra-33-1969-brainbox-1996