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   Jan Akkerman

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Live at Alexanders

Live at Alexanders UK Tour 1999
Very rare CD recorded at the Alexanders jazz Theatre in Chester, England, in front of a packed audience. This collector's album was produced as a very limited edition, only sold throught JA's old Internet site. CD includes an interview by Jon Kirkman.

Year:  1999
Media:  CD album
Label: akkerNET
Release no: AKKER002
Manufactured: UK

Musicians: Jan Akkerman (guitars)
Ton Dijkman (drums)
Wilbrand Meischke (bass)
Jeroen Rietbergen (keyboards)

Producer: Jan Akkerman
Engineer: Steve Powell

Live at Alexanders UK Tour 1999
Liner notes by David Randall:
Jan Akkerman's UK tour in July 1999 had to be more memorable than the previous one in 1977. Two decades later, UK audiences were already primed with some recent, rare, and well recieved appearances.

Once Jan and I had got over the fact that this was to be very much a do-it-yourself-trip to four cities, we could settle in to some serious boogie. I have to give it to Jan: he immediately put me at ease: "This is the way I like to do it" he said, driving the whole entourage between gigs and the round-trip from Holland via Calais. He then proceeded to tell me that he hates planes, the surrounding hassles and the dodgy hotels.

Once I had got over the slight ignominy of Jan carrying his own guitar!, and Jeroen being chief packer of instruments in the truck, I started to relax...a little. However, for the record, Jan says that even in Focus days he never travelled with a large number of "technicians" and go-fers. (I will just remember next time to pack those vital things for musicians: a cigarette lighter and some loosy change).

As we made our way from the splendid opening gig in Southhampton through the beaming English countryside, there was a strong spirit of "team-work", aided by Jan's easy-going outlook but also by the very positive attitude of Jeroen, Willy and Ton (all of whom played their butts off) and who genuinely seemed to relish their first appearances together in front of English audiences.

Along the way we were ably aided and abetted by the loyal Akkernetters, all of whom freely gave their time and efforts and all of whom deserve neon-light billing in the credits. What a marvellous sight: the true fans who have faithfully followed Jan's every musical move since 1977, and latterly via the Internet, rallying forth to ensure that this first UK tour was a success. It brought a tear to mye eye.

Needless to say, the band responded as we all anticipated. What a shit-hot bunch of musicians. Jan of course needs no introduction (the grand master) but the rest of the band were a revelation. Given that Jeroen had only joined them days before kick-off, by the end of the Tour he was playing like a trooper. Willy and Ton form one hell of a rhythm section and by the time the recording all the constituents of the Jan Akkerman Band were - to coin a phrase - "on the money".

This CD continues the Akkernet series of exclusive releases, and perfectly captures the wonderful gigs in Chester on 12/13 July. As with all good live albums, this one is best played LOUD!!

Tracks: Hocus Pocus / Pietons (Muleta)
Crackers (Muleta)
Mercy Mercy Mercy (Zawinul)
Tommy (Barlage)
No hang ups (Stoppelman)
Pool house blues (Muleta)
Sylvia's grandmother (Muleta)
My pleasure (Muleta)

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