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   Jan Akkerman

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Jan Akkerman acoustic: Passion

Following the success of Live at the Priory, Akkerman took his acoustic one-man show into the studio.

Year:  1999
Media:  CD album
Label: Roadrunner
Release no: RR 8577-2

Musicians: Jan Akkerman
Producer: Jan Akkerman
Engineer: Patrick Muhren
Studio: Studio A. Muhren, Voldendam

Following the success of Live at the Priory, Akkerman has now taken his acoustic one-man show into the studio.

The concept is similar but the programme is different, Tranquilizer, Wildflower and Classical Gas being the only items common to both recordings. Elsewhere, Akkerman freely mixes new material with references to his past projects, Classical Gas now appearing alongside his own fondly-remembered Gate to Europe. This piece started life as the closing track of the 1977 release titled simply Jan Akkerman.

Akkerman's past association with the lute is represented by Holborne's Muy Linda and Countess of Pembroke's Paradise. Also present is the Fantasia from the Variety of Lute Lessons enigmatically attributed to The Knight of the Lute. Performing these works on metal strings is a major departure in itself, and to do so on a guitar with built-in transducer and using studio reverb will really provoke the purists, which can only be a good thing.

A further highlight is the gentle setting of Jacques Brel's Mon Amour - an understated late-night arrangement in which the unique voice of Akkerman's Lowden guitar is exploited to the full.

An enterprising release and a logical follow-up to Live at the Priory.

Paul Fowles

Tracks: Suite 1:
a)David's Harp Song (Muleta)
b)Wildflower (Muleta/Patio)
c)Across the bridge (Muleta)
d)In Amorata (Muleta)
e)Always (Muleta)
f)David's Harp (Muleta)

Suite 2:
a)Monkey (Muleta)
b)Sweethearts (Leer/Ruiter/Akkerman/Linden)
c)Close enough (Muleta)
d)Ventral Park (Muleta)
e)Ab-so-rocking-lutely (Muleta)

Mon Amour (J. Brel)
Tranquilizer (Akkerman)
Classic Gaz / Gate to Europe (Williams/Akkerman)
Fellini's Restaurant (Muleta)
Passion (Bach/Akkerman)
Countess of Pembrooks Paradise (Holborne/Akkerman)
Muy Linda (Holborne/Akkerman)
The knight of the lute (Unknown/Akkerman)
Whispering/Liebestraum (Coburn/Rose/Schonberger)

Unique identifier: 169

Sorting code: 002-33-1999-passion-1999