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   Jan Akkerman

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Puccini's Cafe

Puccini's Cafe
Jan Akkerman's come back album after the car accident in 1992. A melodic, beautiful and very lyrical album.

Year:  1993
Media:  CD album
Label: EMI
Release no: 0777 7 89192 2 3
Manufactured: Holland

Musicians: Jan Akkerman (guitar and synthesizer)
Ton Dijkman (drums)
Manuel Hugas (bass)
Willem Swikker (keyboards)
Freddy Cavalli (bass)
Producer: Jan Akkerman
Engineer: Patrick Mühren
Studio: Studio Arnold Mühren, Volendam, Holland

Puccini's Cafe
On a cold August night in 1992, when he returned from a hectic Caribbean tour and after having met his new girlfriend Marian, Jan was involved in a heavy car accident. His revalidation took about six months, after that he settled himself in a new home village and started a new family life. In February 1993 he went back on stage for the very first time after his car accident with his new bass player Manuel Hugas. Doing a very successful theatre-tour that same year, he released his new album 'Puccini's Café' for EMI records in spring 1993.

Tracks: Burger's blues
Your eyes in the whiskey
Spanish roads
Key to the highway
It comes & goes
Blue train
Love is uneven
Puccini's cafe

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