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Mother Focus

Mother Focus
1988 Dutch re-issue.

Year:  1988
Media:  CD album
Label: EMI
Release no: CDM 7 48859 2
Manufactured: Holland

Musicians: Thijs van Leer
Jan Akkerman
Bert Ruiter
David Kemper
Colin Allen
Producer: Focus
Engineer: n/a
Studio: n/a

Mother Focus
1988 Dutch re-issue.

Tracks: Mother Focus (Akkerman/Leer/Ruiter)
I need a bathroom (Ruiter)
Bennie Helder (Leer)
Soft Vanilla (Ruiter)
Hard Vanilla (Ruiter)
Tropic Bird (Ruiter)
Focus IV (Leer)
Someon's crying...what! (Akkerman)
All together...oh that! (Akkerman)
No hang ups (Stoppelman)
My sweetheart (Leer/Akkerman)
Father Bach (Leer)

Unique identifier: 224

Sorting code: 001-33-1975-mother_focus-1988