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   Jan Akkerman

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Talent for sale

Talent for sale

Talent for sale
Jan Akkerman's debut solo album from 1968. Dutch pressing.

Year:  1968
Media:  Vinyl LP
Label: Imperial
Release no: SALI 8012
Manufactured: Holland

Musicians: Jan Akkerman (guitars)
Ron Bijtelar (bass)
Sydney Wachtel (drums)
Cocky Akkerman (drums on Slim Jenkin's place)
Producer: Tim Griek
Engineer: André Hooning
Studio: n/a

Talent for sale
Jan Akkerman's debut solo album from 1968. The album contains several soul classics.

The album contains guitar work which was very representitive of his playing while a member of Brainbox. Still sounding very raw and raunchy Akkerman tackles a few good instrumental cover versions while adding the Akkerman touch, most notable of which are Green Onions and the traditional Hineimatov. Some Bluesy tracks are also featured here which demonstrate Akkerman`s lightning speed guitar abilities which became evident on the earlier "Russian Spy And I" with The Hunters.

Tracks: Side 1
Bags groove
Revival of the cat
Mercy mercy mercy
On the green light
What'd I say

Side 2
Slim Jenkin's place
Green onions
Ode to Billy Joe
Comin' home babe

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