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   Jan Akkerman

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Jan Akkerman's ambitious 1974 solo album. UK pressing.

Year:  1974
Media:  Vinyl LP
Label: Atlantic
Release no: K40522
Manufactured: UK

Musicians: Alan Rubin - Trumpet
Albert Block - Flute
Alfred Brown - Viola
Arnold Eidus - Violin
Carmel Malignaggi - Violin
Carmine Appice - Drums
Charles Russo - Clarinet
Daniel Waitzman - Flute
David Gahr - Photography
David Sackson - Viola
Dominick Gravine - Trombone
Earl Chapin - French Horn
Elliott Rosoff - Violin
Emanuel Vardi - Viola
Eugene Levine - Bass
Frederick Buldrini - Violin
Gene Orloff - Violin
Gene Paul - Engineer
Geoffrey Haslam - Producer, Remixing
George Flynn - Adaptation, Arranger, Conductor, Flute Arrangement, Glockenspiel, Harpsichord, Keyboards, Piano, Remixing, String Arrangements
George Koutzen - Cello
George Ricci - Cello
Guy Lumia - Violin
Harold Bennett - Flute
Harry Cykman - Violin
James Buffington - French Horn
Jan Akkerman - Adaptation, Arranger, Bass, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Electric), Lute, Main Performer, Organ, Percussion, Remixing, Synthesizer
Jesse Levy - Cello
Joel Kerr - Engineer
Joseph B. Wilder - Trumpet
Joseph Malignaggi - Violin
Kathryn Kienke - Violin
Kermit Moore - Cello
Lewis Eley - Violin
Lucien Schmit - Cello
Norman Carr - Violin
Norman Seeff - Design, Photography
Phil Bodner - Oboe
Raoul Poliakin - Violin
Ray Alonge - French Horn
Ray Lucas - Drums
Richard Maximoff - Viola
Robert Alexander - Trombone
Russ Savakus - Double Bass
Selwart Clarke - Viola
Seymour Berman - Viola
Stephen Johns - Tuba
Tim Bogert - Bass, Guitar (Bass)
Tony Miranda - French Horn
Walter Kane - Bassoon
Producer: Geoffrey Haslam
Studio: Atlantic Recording Studios, New York

This is an ambitious piece of work, which was recorded over a two-week spell during one hot summer in New York, and combines pieces for solo lute with rock music and an orchestra. Jan became fascinated with the lute during his visits to England and finally outbid a museum in Copenhagen to own one. He was forced to teach himself the instrument and the results of his endeavours can be heard on this excellent album.

Tracks: Side 1
Coranto for Mrs Murcott by Francis Pilkington
The Earl of Derby, his galliard
House of the king
A galliard by Anthonie Holborne
A galliard by John Dowland
A pavan by Thomas Morley

Side 2
A fantasy by Laurencini of Rome
- I am
- Asleep, half asleep, awake
- She is
- Lammy
- We are
- The last will and testament
- Amen

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