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   Jan Akkerman

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Painting by Paul Elshout

Eli (with Kaz Lux)
1976 solo album with Kaz Lux from Brainbox and Pierre van der Linden on drums. Dutch pressing.

Year:  1976
Media:  Vinyl LP
Label: Atlantic
Release no: ATLN 50.320
Manufactured: Holland

Musicians: Jan Akkerman
Kaz Lux
Jasper van't Hof
Rick van der Linden
Warwick Reading
Pierre van der Linden
Richard DeBois
Neppie Noya
Margriet Eshuis
Maggie MacNeal
Patricia Paay
Producer: Richard DeBois and Jan Akkerman
Engineer: Jan Schuurman
Studio: Soundpush Studios, Blaricum Holland

Eli (with Kaz Lux)
During rehearsals for a UK tour with Focus in March 1976, Jan Akkerman left the band. Teaming up again with musicians like Pierre van der Linden and Kaz Lux, Jan recorded 'Eli'. Based on a story that Kaz wrote, with tracks like 'Tranquillizer' and the driving 'Can't Fake a Good Time'. proved that Akkerman made progression since the Brainbox-days. Musicians like Jasper van 't Hof and Rick van der Linden were also very important for the sound that made 'Eli' so unique.

Tracks: Side 1
Eli (Akkerman/Lux)
Guardian Angel (Akkerman/Lux)
Tranquilizer (Akkerman)
Can't fake good times (Lux)

Side 2
There he still goes (Akkerman/Lux)
Strindberg (Akkerman/Linden/Lux)
Wings of strings (Akkerman)
Naked actress (Akkerman/Lux)
Fairytale (van't Hof)

Unique identifier: 246

Sorting code: 002-33-1976-eli-1976