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  Earth and Fire

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Reality fills fantasy

Reality fills fantasy
The first Earth and Fire album with Bert Ruiter on bass. Swedish pressing.

Year:  1980
Media:  Vinyl LP
Label: Mariann
Release no: MILP 1310
Manufactured: Other

Musicians: Jerney Kaagman
Gerard Koerts
Chris Koerts
Bert Ruiter
Ab Tamboer
Raoul Mayora
Fred Leeflang
Benny Behr
Ton Scherpenzeel
Johan Slager
Edward Reekers
Max Werner
Producer: Gerrit-Jan Leenders
Engineer: n/a
Studio: Soundpush studio', Blaricum

Reality fills fantasy
After two members of the band were replaced, Earth and Fire started working on new songs by the end of 1978. By then, the band members were Jerney, Gerard, Chris, Bert and Ab. In spite of their new work, rumours continued to surface that the band was about to split op and Jerney would embark on her solo career. Producer Jaap Eggermont could no longer find himself in the new music of the band and ended his cooperation. The new album was produced by Gerrit-Jan Leenders, who also produced Kayak albums. The contract with Polydor ended as well, and the band signed a new contract for two albums with Phonogram. Frits Hirschland became their new manager.

The album was recorded during the last two weeks of April 1979 in the Soundpush studios in Blaricum. Englishman John Tilly was responsible for the recordings. The following session musicians cooperated on this album: Raoul Mayora (congas), Fred Leeflang (sax) and Benny Behr (strings). The four Kayak members Max Werner, Johan Slager, Edward Reekers and Ton Scherpenzeel did some backing vocals; Ton also played the accordion.

Tracks: People come, people go
Fire of love
Can't live without it anymore
Where were you
Season of the falling leaves
Answer me

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