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In and out of Focus

Back of cover

In and out of Focus
1970 German pressing of the Focus debut album.

Year:  1970
Media:  Vinyl LP
Label: Polydor
Release no: 2310 085
Manufactured: Germany

Musicians: Jan Akkerman
Thijs van Leer
Martijn Dresden
Hans Cleuver
Producer: Hubert Terheggen
Engineer: n/a
Studio: Sound Technique Studios, London

In and out of Focus
1970 German pressing of the Focus debut album.

Liner notes
We are now living in the progressive rock era of music. Every week, hundreds of albums by new rock groups from England and America flood the market. The percentage of those that are successful is very small, indeed. It seems, therefore, that the last thing that we need is another rock group, especially one with the apparent handicap of being from Holland, which is known primarily for windmills, wooden shoes, and tulips, rather than rock groups.

Focus, however, is a very unique group, and rock music, as we all know, is an international language of its own.

JAN AKKERMAN, the lead guitarist of Focus, is one of the best rock guitarists in the world, and is perhaps the best in Europe at the present time. Jan, who was the leader of the Dutch pop group Brainbox, left that group to help form Focus.

THIJS VAN LEER, the group's organist, HANS CLEUVER, who plays percussion, and bass guitarist MARTIJN DRESDEN, comprise the rest of Focus, and like Jan, all had been succesful with other Dutch bands prior to joining forces, in fact, the four were considered among the best musicians in Holland.

All of the material in the album was written and composed by Focus members. The songs are all in English, the only language in which the group writes and performs.

In Europe, fans and critics have already begun to sing the praises of Focus. Many are hailing them as the first continental "super-group", but we will not venture to voice our opinion until the group meets the test of the severe American audiences. This will happen soon, as an American tour for Focus is being mapped as this album goes to print. Who knows, maybe someday Holland will be famous for Focus too.

Tracks: Focus (instrumental)
House of the king
Why dream
Happy nightmare (Mescaline)
Black Beaty
Sugar Island
Focus (vocal)

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