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Peggy March & The Hunters

March, Peggy: Kilindini Docks
A ultra rare Dutch pressing of the 7" single "Kilindini Docks(Madi-Madi Song)/Too long away" by PEGGY MARCH as released on RCA Victor 47-9655 in 1966. This is fantastic 60's beat. It's also special as Peggy March recorded this record together with The Hunters. Jan Akkerman on guitar.

Year:  1966
Media:  Vinyl single
Label: RCA Victor
Release no: 47-9655

Musicians: Jan Akkerman
Peggy March
Producer: n/a
Engineer: n/a
Studio: n/a

March, Peggy: Kilindini Docks
In 1966 The Hunters were asked to accompany the American Peggy “I Will Follow Him” March on the single “Kilindini Docks,” coupled with “Too Long Away.”

In an interview in the American record-collector magazine Goldmine (September 1997) Peggy March said: “’Kilindini Docks’ is a song I did in Holland when I was 18. Holland wanted me to record something different. They did not want to use any of my German recordings. They wanted to do something for them in English. They played this song for me, and my response was: ‘This is weird! You really want me to do this?’

They said, ‘It’s a great song, we think it’s really special and it’s different.’ Well, I am always into different so I thought it might be fun to do. And it was. It as brought out in Holland, and now it is on several compilations, in Germany and elsewhere, and on CDs.

I loved doing it, because it was different, it was in English and it was released only in Holland. To this day I have no idea how well it sold!”

Tracks: Kilindini Docks (Madi-Madi song)
Too long away

Unique identifier: 405

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