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   Jan Akkerman

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Live in concert

Live in concert - The Hague 2007
Double DVD/CD set recorded live at The Hague Jazz, May 19th 2007

Year:  2008
Media:  DVD
Label: Alphacentaur
Release no: ACE 11129
Manufactured: Other

Musicians: Jan Akkerman
Coen Molenaar
Marijn van den Berg
Wilbrand Meischke
Producer: n/a
Engineer: n/a
Studio: n/a

Live in concert - The Hague 2007
Double DVD/CD set recorded live at The Hague Jazz, May 19th 2007. The DVD contains 45 minutes of extra material.

8 page booklets with photos and details.

Liner notes by JA:
I was invited to play at the 'Hague Jazz Festival', the same venue where the North Sea Jazz Festival always took place.

I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived at the hotel Bel Air in the Hague, as if nothing had changed. It was the same hotel, that still has this classy 60's style, and people where busy in the lobby as if...
Nothing had changed, perfect!

It felt so good: the sun was shining and a lot different sounds were coming from the different pavilions in which the festivities where about to happen for the coming three days.

What I liked about the whole thing is that I played in the Miles (Davis) room, because it's a room with great acoustics and because Miles himself used to play there, which is not quite uninspiring, to say the least. Ideal for recording, I found out later. I did a long sound check with the best band I had over the last 35 years and at 10 o'clock it was shiw time!

On the night of the performance the atmosphere was fantastic, despite some minor problems that always arise, when you don't need them, not to mention some big ears left and right. The place was packed with people from all over the world and one could tell by the glow and smiles upon the faces, that everybody really had a great time.

The great thing about this thing was that the 'Ontrack Studdio' of Lily and Joost (who recorded the whole session) was right at the Scheveningen boulevard, a former fishermen's village overlooking the North Sea, just outside the city of Hague. Neil Denholm, my sound engineer and one of the best in the business, was there to protect med against severe sonic terrorism. He 'set up' the table (mixing board) and after a few words with the man upstairs, we started mixing. It sounded so smooth and pleasant that I asked Joost what brand of mixing board this was. He said quasi nonchalant: Oh I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you that this is Frank Zappa's old MCA mixing console...' Well, what more can I say? For me this is the 'Crême de la Crême.'

I know you're going to love this.

Jan Akkerman

Tracks: Answers Questions
Palace of the king
In the mood
Dance the blues away
Hocus Pocus
Urban string
You do something to me

DVD extras:
1: A bluesjam with Jan for all ages
2: Solo performance bimhuis Amsterdam

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