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  Kaz Lux

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Kazimierz Lux: Monk?

1974 solo album from Kaz Lux.

Year:  1974
Media:  Vinyl LP
Label: Bovema Neogram
Release no: 5N 038-25117
Manufactured: Holland

Musicians: Kaz Lux
Mary Hehuat
André Reynen
Herman Deinum
Willem Ennes
Tom Barlage
Paul van Wageningen
Neppie Noya
Gerrit-Jan Leenders
Louis de Lussanet
Producer: Gerrit-Jan Leenders
Engineer: Eddy Hilberts & Pierre Geoffroy Chateau
Studio: Intertone studios, Heemstede

1974 solo album from Kaz Lux.

Tracks: Paranoid monk
The joy of working
Time is going by
Second meeting
A normal day in '58
The lost guilders
The end of Donald
Prisoner number 2
Hey new day!
What's in a color

Unique identifier: 528

Sorting code: lux-33-1974-monk-1974