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Veronica: Focus report
5 page Focus report in Dutch radio/TV guide Veronica, 1973. Download in PDF format!.

Year:  1972
Media:  Books and magazines
Label: Veronica
Release no: 192, 26-02-1972
Manufactured: Holland


Veronica: Focus report
The history of Radio Veronica, the famous Dutch offshore station, falls apart in two episodes, closely connected with their two ships. From April 1960 the station aired its programmes from the Borkum Riff. Though its programming then still was very conventional, the station acquiered a growing audience. From the 1st Januari 1965, three months before the Norderney took over, the station became still more popular by adopting the format of real rock radio. But, while the station boasts the fact that it was well liked by the people of Holland, it must be remembered that it paid for the Radio Noordzee ship to be removed the people concerned set light to the engine room and it exploded on the 15th May 1971. More on the history can be found if you search for The years of radio Veronica on the net.

Nowadays Veronica is a TV and Radio channel, very popular. The TV and Radio guide is the best selling edition in the Netherlands.


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