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Moving waves

Moving waves
1972 Moving Waves cassette

Year:  1972
Media:  Cassette
Label: Polydor
Release no: 3100-182

Musicians: Jan Akkerman Thijs van Leer Cyril Havermans Pierre van der Linden
Producer: Mike Vernon
Engineer: Jerry Boys
Studio: Sound Techniques & Morgan Studios, London

Moving waves
1972 Moving Waves cassette

Tracks: Hocus Pocus (Van Leer/Akkerman)
Le Clochard (Akkerman)
Janis (Akkerman)
Moving waves (Leer/Khan)
Focus II (Leer)

a) Orfeus (Leer)
b) Answer (Leer)
c) Orfeus (Leer)
d) Answer (Leer)
e) Pupilla (Leer)
f) Tommy (Barlage)
g) Pupilla (Leer)
h) Answer (Leer)
i) The Bridge (Akkerman)
j) Break
k) Euridice (Leer/Nobel)
l) Dayglow (Leer)
m) Endless road (Linden)
n) Answer (Leer)
o) Orfeus (Leer)
p) Euridice (Leer/Nobel)

Unique identifier: 667

Sorting code: 001-33-1971-moving_waves_track4-1972