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   Jan Akkerman

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The noise of art longbox

The noise of art
US pressing of Jan Akkerman's "come back" album, released on Miles Copeland's IRS label. Still in factory sealed longbox!

Year:  1990
Media:  CD album
Label: I.R.S.
Release no: IRSD-82041
Manufactured: USA

Musicians: Jan Akkerman (guitars and synths)
Livingston Brown (bass)
Derek Holt (bass)
Clive Mayuyu (drums)
Brendon Day (drums)
Producer: Peter Haycock & Miles Copeland
Engineer: Mark Bruce & York Gibson
Studio: Rich Bitch Studios, England

The noise of art
This was seen as Jan Akkerman's "come back" album as it was released on Miles Copeland's IRS label all over Europe and the USA. It is a good guitar album featuring some excellent fret work from Jan the highlights being Bonnaville (Jan likes powerful British motorbikes) and the lovely Prima Donna.

The longbox:
When compact discs first began to appear in the retail stores, the longbox packaging served a transitional purpose, allowing shops to file new compact discs in the same bins originally used for vinyl records. Longboxes were 12" tall, and capable of containing two separate discs when necessary. Most longboxes were full color, with details about the compact disc on the back, and artwork that was frequently taken from the original square album cover art, reworked for the new shape and size. There were generic white longboxes with windows that would display the compact disc cover, as well as clear plastic versions that were an inexpensive substitute for a printed longbox.

Most original longboxes were discarded upon purchase, and they have since become desirable amongst music collectors.

Tracks: Trojan Horse
You can't keep a bad man up
Shame on you
Having fun
Prima Donna
Prelude: Friends always
Akkerman's sombrero
My pleasure
Quiet storm

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