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The Rock and Roll Vault Rarities


The rock and roll vault rarities
Rare radio transcription disc with rare songs and versions from diverse bands. Radio host Dave Herman presents Focus and the fast version of Hocus Pocus.

Year:  1982
Media:  Vinyl LP
Label: n/a
Release no: n/a
Manufactured: USA

Musicians: Jan Akkerman
Thijs van Leer
Cyril Havermans
Pierre van der Linden
Producer: n/a
Engineer: n/a
Studio: n/a

The rock and roll vault rarities
The Rock and Roll Vault - Rarities: 3-22-82 is a 12" vinyl radio show album, released in the USA by Clayton Webster Corporation in March 1982.

Issued in a plain white sleeve with cue sheets for radio presenters, the album was used for licence broadcast in the USA during the week of March 22, 1983.
This was a short lived syndicated radio show, featuring tracks by various artists. Each track was aired on a separate night with a short feature. There is also a commercial and intro to each recording.

Band and artists on this album are: Focus, Rolling Stones, J. Geils Band, Deep Purple, Rod Stewart, Hollies and Todd Rundgren.

White Rarities label, with sticker of airdates. Never sold to the general public.

Tracks: Hocus Pocus

Unique identifier: 748

Sorting code: zzz-33-1982-the_rock_and_roll_vault-1982