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   Jan Akkerman

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Minor Details

Minor details
Jan Akkerman's first official solo album since C.U. in 2003. An album with foundation in his jazz roots. Signed by Jan Akkerman.

Year:  2011
Media:  CD album
Label: Digimode Entertainment Ltd.
Release no: SU 29044
Manufactured: Other

Musicians: Jan Akkerman
Coen Molenaar
Wilbrand Meischke
Marijn van den Berg
Eric Vloeimans
Producer: Jan Akkerman
Engineer: Jan Akkerman
Studio: The Loft Studio

Minor details
The album contains no less than 14 numbers, and is described by JA himself as one of the hardest things he ever did in his life. This is mainly because the entire project with all the band members was established via the Internet, via sheet music, MIDI files, with their own portable studio in Brazil and finally mixed in the Loft studios in Volendam.

A large proportion of the final result lies in the hands of Jan Akkerman himself. He is not only the guitarist and composer but also studio engineer and producer. Jan recorded this album with the musicians with whom he had shared the stage for years, namely: Coen Molenaar (keyboards), Wilbrand Meischke (bass), Marijn van den Berg (drums) and a guest star Eric Vloeimans.

Tracks: Free wheeling
Big sir
Dinner time
Love train
Blind baby
Minor details
Fernando's minibar
Kharmah chantalah
Searcing for Angela
As long as you're near
San Frisky
The arrogant frogs
Menia Muria

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